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I'm On A Limited Budget"

U.S. Metal Buildings realizes that most of us have limited financial resources. While you might really want an 80 x 120 building, all you have budgeted for is an 80 x 80. We will design a building that fits your wallet, and if you let us know in advance, we can design it to be expandable. After all, how long have you needed this building?

An Analogy - Affordable vs Cheap

If you're looking for the cheapest building, U.S. Metal Buildings is probably not the company for you. You can always buy cheaper no matter what you're shopping for. It's the same for metal buildings. Our prices are very competitive for the best metal buildings in the world. That's because of our high-volume production, advanced engineering and the finest production facilities and employees anywhere.

How Can I Save More $$$?

A little planning ahead can go a long way. If your building requirements are up to 70-80 ft x 100-250 ft (or less), and you do not need to start construction immediately, we can save you even more money. With flexibility on your part, we can often ship two or three buildings together, which cuts freight costs in half or even up to two-thirds.

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